Breeding Plans


From a Huddlestone Litter

Next litter will be from Millie in 2019

Our previous litters have been from proven working stock, always stimulated by us needing a dog for ourselves. This means that we breed only very occasionally. The puppies we sold from our litters are settled happily into a mixture of working and pet homes which says a lot for the temperament and nature of the line. Next litter will hopefully be from Millie in 2019 (see below)


Despite Rigg’s obvious importance to the working lines we will limit his stud opportunities, so that popular sire syndrome does not become an issue. Generally our criteria will be based around if we would like to take a puppy from the litter. This is very much a subjective view based around what we would like to see carried forward from this remarkable dog. We anticipate about 5 uses of Rigg at stud, 4 to outright working bitches and we may consider 1 stud to the show fraternity if a breeder showing full health testing and a genuine desire to gain working ability into their line emerges.

Next Year

In 2019 Millie will have a litter (if she agrees!) from a carefully chosen working stud. This will come from outside our kennel. As an EIC clear working bitch with excellent hips and eyes plus 2 field trial wins and one second in her 3 minority breed trial outings last year she obviously has much to offer the breed.

Other WCSS work-bred litters

If you are looking for puppies earlier than this then we suggest you look on the puppies available page at We maintain that page on behalf of the Working Clumber Spaniel Society. We are also happy to have conversations with anyone looking for general information before getting their first working Clumber spaniel.