Millie Sitting Up

Photograph by Workingline Images

FTW Lemon Rose Huddlestone

millie pedigree

In her first year trialling at just 18 months old she came second (to Rigg) in her very first trial, also winning the Clive Miller Trophy for best novice dog, and winning outright her second and third trials, also taking Guns’ Choice award. With 2 wins and a second place in the 3 outings of her first season it was a dynamic start. Her win at The Kennel Club Minority Breeds Field trial in November 2016 saw her beat kennel mate Rigg into 3rd place!

In 2017 John Smith-Bodden ran her with success in Minor Breeds trials, picking up a first place in the WCSS Harvington field trial and a COM in the following WCSS trial in Norfolk. Her total of 6 Field Awards ( including 3 First Places) shows the quality of this delightful bitch and this is augmented by a loving, happy personality and true eagerness to please.

Vigorous in hunting and with a strong desire to learn for the sake of it we think Millie is a fine example of a working Clumber has already made her mark in Clumber history .She is tested as EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) CLEAR and has a hip score totalling 9, which makes her a very attractive dog for the breed.

An intensely intelligent and honest worker accompanied by just the right amount of lunacy to make Millie a very loveable bitch. Most importantly, Millie is a really nice dog to be around!


Below ; Millie with her winning retrieve to handler John Smith-Bodden WCSS Minor Breeds Field Trial 2017 at Harvington. Photo courtesy of Steve Davis