In the home


Clumber spaniels in the home

“Clumber spaniels ‘work’ on a number of levels”

Having a dog from working lines does not have to be hard work. Clumber spaniels adapt well to what you want of them – although we would advise that they are best suited to at least an active home where it is not a ‘working’ one.

Many dogs bred purely for work will live in kennels, while other owners want their Clumber spaniel to be able to live comfortably, for both parties, alongside them in their home. Our own dogs are kennelled but equally polite (and therefore welcome!) house guests.

This a breed which loves people but will not seek to dominate your life. Easily house trained dogs can become great companions with an affectionate and gentle nature. Reliable around children and happy to settle with other well-mannered pets we don’t hear of dogs becoming a nuisance in peoples’ lives.

Clumber spaniels ‘work’ on a number of levels and a puppy can certainly be brought up in a variety of fulfilling ways. If you are thinking of taking a dog from working lines without actually working it we would advise that your training plan does however take account of its innate ability.

Working examples of the breed naturally hunt and retrieve and it’s a simple matter to include ‘fetch’ games (for example) in normal obedience training. We all tend to do better when working with our strengths rather than against them!

You will also enjoy the experience, don’t underestimate the infectious nature of basic gun dog training – it’s huge fun for owner and dog even if your Clumber spaniel never sees a shooting field in its life.

Downsides are few, but most Clumber owning households have to learn to love white hair on the carpet, of wherever they are allowed. Most also wear out the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. All tend to conclude that it’s a very small price to pay for living with such a lovely dog.