At Work


Clumber Spaniels at work

“We must pay tribute to the 30 year’s dedication of the Working Clumber Spaniel Society”

You may be looking around our site now because of seeing a Clumber spaniel at work on a shoot, or being demonstrated in any one of many major game fairs. This a breed now being acknowledged as making quite a comeback in a variety of working situations.

Here we must pay tribute to the 30 years’ dedicated work of the Working Clumber Spaniel Society  Without their tireless efforts, the working dog might well have all but vanished – instead it is now a rising force.

Working with a Clumber spaniel’s large pink nose can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. The dogs are driven by an extraordinarily effective sense of smell which often allows them to detect game without the quartering action of cockers and springers. Clumber spaniels are not given to just ‘going through the motions’ and so training often needs to focus on establishing a pattern of hunting rather than based on ‘I know best where it is’ …. even though they usually do!

Those describing the breed as ‘stubborn’ would be advised to note that usually this constitutes the dog finding game without reference to a text book. ‘Determined’ is a better way to describe this invaluable dog to shoot over once this ability is harnessed to control.

Tough and determined retrievers with gentle mouths, Clumber spaniels are effective and a joy to watch when it’s going well.  As with any spaniel doing a retrieving job, the thing is to avoid the hunting instinct taking over of course!

We are presently working with A Panel Field Trial judge and top cocker handler Roy Ellershaw to produce dogs capable of hunting hard to a pattern. That project started with our lovely dog Rigg who has now had good success in field trials, and is continuing with Millie- and those who have seen them congratulate Roy on the training work so far. Dogs to watch for the future.

Still not sure? Attend a WCSS field trial and you’ll see some very exciting dogs indeed going about their work.