About Us

Group of 4 Ludo,Rigg,Millie and Orla low res

“Our over-riding aims are to contribute to the survival and development of the working lines of this rare spaniel”

We are based in the Derbyshire Dales and are fortunate enough to have some lovely land on which to train and exercise our dogs. Our facility takes in game crop, retrieving lanes, water and varying levels of cover for the dogs to enjoy working.

Definitely not a commercial breeder, we tend to only have litters when we are looking for something for ourselves, or to contribute to the breed’s development. That means that we won’t be a good source for an instant litter (unless you just happen to catch our timing!) but it will always be a carefully researched and thought through breeding.

Our over-riding aims are to contribute to the survival and development of the working lines of this rare spaniel. The breed dates back over 200 years and we should respect such a heritage by preserving the capabilities treasured by our ancestors.

We are incidentally active members of the Working Clumber Spaniel Society (John has been on the committee since 2010, and Jane since 2015) and also members of Clumber Spaniel Club and several other gundog clubs. As breeders we are a Kennel Club accredited breeder and Jane studies canine genetics on an ongoing basis.

We will also have considered conformation and seek to achieve the original look of this breed as you would see in paintings of the period in which the dogs were developed to do a job. Look at the ‘history’ section if you want to see our own informal breed standard. Best of all, come and see our dogs!

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About YOU!

Just as important is ‘about you’! If you are considering a Clumber spaniel but are not sure if one will suit your needs, fit into your life or even if you’ve only just come across the breed ….. Have a word or come for a coffee…. We are keen to get good examples of the breed into caring homes… most discussions we have with people are to give independent views of matters affecting the breed. This site, like us, is not here to sell puppies because we have very few litters ourselves.

We are pretty open minded and enjoy a reasoned discussion. Naturally we have informed opinions which guide our breeding strategy. Where we express opinions on this site you will of course understand that they are our own personal views. Those opinions are not necessarily those of either The Working Clumber Spaniel Society or The Clumber Club.