Clumber Spaniels – Huddlestone Clumbers


Hello there.

Meet Rigg.

Midori Diamond Huddlestone (Rigg) is typical of Huddlestone kennel. Ready for work. Ready for play.

Rigg is a rather special dog. He stunned the spaniel trialing world by winning an AV Novice Field Trial against 15 Springer spaniels in December 2016. This feat has not been achieved in over 100 years. Rigg, handled for us by Roy Ellershaw, made history that day.

Paintings tell us that this is the look of the Clumber spaniel over 250 years ago at its Nottinghamshire Clumber Park origins. We honour that muscled, intelligent appearance free from pointless exaggeration.

We hope you find our website interesting and informative. Better still, arrange a visit to talk Clumbers and see the dogs. Rarely we have litters planned – usually we’ll simply welcome anyone keen to understand the breed as exceptional gundogs and wonderful companions.